The dark green power button symbolizes procuring at the click of the button ensuring Value for Money (VfM) in Government Procurement.

The red burning flame overarching the whole logo signifies the elimination of any fraudulent and corrupt practices in procurement.

The letters 'e-GP' on a white background symbolizes integrity and transparency in government procurement. The open book at the bottom of the logo signifies transition from manual to electronic (paperless) procurement system.
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1. What is e-GP System?

The Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System of the Royal Government of Bhutan facilitates all Procuring Agencies to publish the Tenders, Corrigendum and Notification of Contract Award. The primary objective of this portal is to provide a single point access to the information on procurements made across various Procuring Agencies.

2. What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is an interactive user interface for each users in e-GP System that organizes and presents information and links to the different relevant to role and authority, functions of e-GP system into a unified display in a way that is easy to access, track and transact.

3. Who are the Stakeholders/Actors of the e-GP System?

The e-GP System shall support the following user categories for stakeholders/actors initially, and provides them the secured access to related functionalities of the e-GP system through dashboards:

  • Procuring Agencies.
  • Development Partners.
  • Committees (opening/evaluation etc.).
  • General public for information related public procurement

4. How to participate in the Tendering?

To participate in Tendering published on e-GP system, the Bidders need to go through a registration process. Only after the successful registration process, a bidder gets access to e-GP System Dashboard and e-GP functions for participating in Tendering.

5. What are the other requirements in the registration process?

Registration shall be done through a registration process starting from the online registration page of the e-GP System followed by post verification if they considers it necessary. The intended user must provide all required scanned /digital document/information, and accept the terms and conditions of e-GP system use; and should be aware of the disclaimer and privacy policy of the e-GP System. The mandatory documents to be uploaded at the time of providing information are as follows:


A(1). For Bidders/Consulting firm:

Scanned/PDF copy of,

  • Citizenship Identity Card (For Company Contact Person)
  • Company Registration No
  • Tax Payment No. (TPN)
  • Construction Development Board (CDB) Registration Certificate (For Works Only)
  • Company Authorization Letter* (For Works Only)
  • Statutory Certificate No

6. Is there any fee for registration?

No, there are no Registration fees. The Royal Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Finance, GPPMD has waived Registration fees for all procurement category registration. However the authority GPPMD shall have the rights to set reasonable charges of the e-GP System and sustainability of the System in future.

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